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At Tirthatan, We believe in the values of Atithi Devo Bhava, Guest is God. Gone are the days when a holiday trip would incise an expression of overwhelmingness. We not only offer packaged tours, railway bookings, and accommodations but a guided holiday package that truly removes every last-mile hassle for your group. Now the focus would be on building memories carefree.

Tivram Legal

Life is unpredictable, but we help in simplifying it. Trivam Legal helps in offering our extensive Corporate Legal services to provide you peace of Mind against legal obstacles in your Business. Our Services portfolio includes a considerable number of services, each designed to give you headroom against any problem that dawns upon you.


What’s life without color? At Trivam, we believe that every human is a unique individual and needs a style that matches him/her. In Our fashion lineup, Ethnic Vubrance truly meets the love of colors. Suited tailormade to our customer’s satisfaction, we offer nothing, but the best.


Indian Culture is one of the most diverse and ethnically varied in the world and our homemade remedies and foods are a glowing example of that. With Tivracare, we went to the apex of food manufacturing processes for developing a healthy India by providing our culture’s preserved delicacies and foods. These are naturally grown foods and organic products that are grown with you in mind.


Seeing the Products that are available these days in stores, we find a lot of chemicals and toxins present that may harm your skin beyond measure. Re-inventing our age-old practice of Ayurveda and Vedas, we have come up with Lavic. These skincare products are made from heavily researched and well-proven Ingredients, to enrich your Skin and body in the healthiest, Indian Way of life.


If we look carefully, it is the most important moment of our life, when we are not able to think about what really matters, take your child’s first birthday for example. At Trivam, we believe in celebrating life King size and help you in managing your events with a never before seen degree of precision, We have built our excellent Event management team, that can help you in focussing on what matters most.

The Misottar

Our Motto of Atithi Devo Bhava trickles down to our very core, and there is no finer example of that than Misottar. With a bold emphasis on Indian Values and traditions, our team at Misottar has curated an experience like never before. It goes beyond the traditional boundaries of hospitality, with our utmost emphasis on serving our guests.

Tivram Digital

Maintaining your business’ digital portfolio can look like a daunting task, with bugs and errors all around, but things can become much easier with expert advice. Our spectrum of Technical proficiencies allows us to provide services like Website Development and Application Support. We aim to make digital marketing an asset, and not a headache.

Tivram Studios

Filmmaking is more than just shooting a video, it is capturing the brilliant in hopes of making something memorable. For us, perfection isn’t good enough, we want to reach the zenith of our abilities and for that, we have our Creative Building team from Tivram. We deal in projects like Film Development, moviemaking, Producing Advertisements, Procuring Corporate videos, etc

Tivram Publications

Print Media is still one of the most noteworthy demands in a business, where getting reliable services is still a challenging task. With our Publications, we have helped business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals create their identities with custom designs and professional marketing. Printing house publication helps in providing business solutions to corporates as well as Book Printing for Publications.

Tivram Agro

Farming Remains to be the backbone of our Indian society and is a quintessential part of our culture. With our Biologically produced agricultural products, we aim to uplift the Modern day Indian farmer with our wide assortment of organic Fertilisers and Bio-Products.


It is our in-house Omni channel Retailing system that aims to link the Offline markets with a reliable and effective digital purchasing platform. Our full range of healthy and organic products is available to local shopkeepers who are able to facilitate the transaction online. While providing the service, either through offline sales or with an E-Delivery system.

Tivram Foundation

Tivram Foundation is a Section 8 Company for our Philanthropic Activities. We believe that giving back to society is just as important as any societal function. As a part of our corporate culture, we deem a certain percentage of our revenue to be donated to the Tivram foundation for social causes.